Does Success Love Me?

You are all cordially invited to the opening of Elif Erkan‘s show at Weiss Berlin, Bundesallee 221, October 20, 7-9 pm. From the press release: In Elif Erkan’s (* 1985) sculptures the precise examination of the material and the act of production are always in evidence. The solo exhibition at Weiss Berlin will feature herRead more about Does Success Love Me?[…]

Work under neoliberalism

Yesterday in class we spoke about how neoliberalism has reshaped contemporary work, increasing insecurity and flexibilization. Here is an article on how internet technologies intensify these developments. Some of you also asked whether neoliberalism could be unmade, or at least fought. Nancy Fraser urges us to resist and reject the false choices presented by so-called progressive neoliberalism,Read more about Work under neoliberalism[…]

Beyond the cubicle

As background material for this week’s readings on new corporate offices and coworking spaces, I recommend this brief VOX video on the history of the open-plan office. Since original starchitect Frank Lloyd Wright has an important guest role in the video, I figured you’d also enjoy gawking at these gorgeous images of his famous (nowRead more about Beyond the cubicle[…]

Diversity in Tech and Academia

After our discussions last week, we just wanted to share these two articles: the first is a NYT piece tackling Google’s recent struggles with internal opposition to their diversity programs, and the second a very recent essay by Eugenia Zuroski on the conception of diversity as some kind of “cultural capital” ripe for exploitation.

Progress Report: Juman Tamimi at Back on Track

Seven weeks into the academic semester, students settled in smoothly and know the ropes of their internships by now. This is what exchange student Juman Tamimi (Al-Quds Bard College) has to say about her internship with “Back on Track,” an NGO that offers tailor-made educational support to refugee children and adolescents: Working with Back OnRead more about Progress Report: Juman Tamimi at Back on Track[…]