What’s next?

As you may know, the robots are coming for us (thanks, Kate, for sharing the video!) What, then, is the shape of work to come? Will the increasing automation mean fewer or more bullshit jobs? Do you agree with Yanis Varoufakis that the universal basic income is a necessity or is it merely a cynical moveRead more about What’s next?[…]

The current state of coworking (and how we got there)

In advance of this week’s visit to Berlin’s most established coworking space, Betahaus, it will be very helpful to read through Janet Merkel’s very recent history (PDF) of coworking spaces, their community-based setup, and their curatorial role. You will also find much to enjoy (and marvel at) in these two profiles of the massive coworkingRead more about The current state of coworking (and how we got there)[…]


Following up on yesterday’s class on new office design, here’s a piece on how companies try to monetize on young people (you). Look out for signs of AirSpace, motivational slogans, and corporate newspeak – we will continue talking about these next week.

Beyond the cubicle

As background material for the assigned reading from Nikil Saval’s Cubed, I recommend this brief VOX video on the history of the open-plan office. Since original starchitect Frank Lloyd Wright has an important guest role in the video (and the building caemos in the Saval on page 288), I figured you’d also enjoy gawking atRead more about Beyond the cubicle[…]

focused procrastination

If you feel you need a break from the midterms intensity, you may want to watch this video of Angela McRobbie’s interview with Kathy Acker to learn how people talked about creative work (and looked amazing) back in the 1980s.

upcoming event at HU: a talk on creatives in Hackney and Neukölln

Next Monday, October 23, 6 pm, at Humboldt University’s Institute of Social Sciences, Universitätstrasse 3b (on the M1 line!), sociologist Sebastian Juhnke will give a talk titled “Between Belonging and Being “Part of a Problem”: Creative Professionals in Hackney and Neukölln”. Here’s the abstract: Members of the ‘creative class’ (Florida 2003), a demographic of both growing size and importanceRead more about upcoming event at HU: a talk on creatives in Hackney and Neukölln[…]

work, food, feminism

After today’s guest talk, you may be interested in this recent interview with Mary Scherpe, in which she talks some more about her work on Stil in Berlin and beyond.