Do What You Love and…

If you’ve ever been to a coworking space, you know that DWYL is ubiquitous. But DWYL is much more than aspirational knick-knacks: it’s also been adopted by HR departments and incorporated into software designed to manage employees’ satisfaction with their jobs.  What are the political implications of DWYL? This tote offers a sharp answer: AndRead more about Do What You Love and…[…]

more on space invaders

After being mistaken for an intern and a spouse, US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is now being attacked for… dressing too nicely. Apparently, nothing betrays your socialist agenda like a tailored black jacket. As Megan Garber aptly notices in this Atlantic piece, It’s not about the clothes. It’s never, really, about the clothes. For those whoRead more about more on space invaders[…]

Your weekend read: SmashedAvo

Following up on yesterday’s class on new office design, here’s a piece on how companies try to monetize on young people (you). Look out for signs of AirSpace, motivational slogans, and corporate newspeak – we will continue talking about these next week.

Space invaders in the US Congress

As discussed last week, the recent US midterm elections are widely considered groundbreaking because of the successes of people from marginalized communities. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the youngest woman ever to be elected to Congress, sums up the reality of being a “space invader” in one tweet.  

Does Success Love Me?

You are all cordially invited to the opening of Elif Erkan‘s show at Weiss Berlin, Bundesallee 221, October 20, 7-9 pm. From the press release: In Elif Erkan’s (* 1985) sculptures the precise examination of the material and the act of production are always in evidence. The solo exhibition at Weiss Berlin will feature herRead more about Does Success Love Me?[…]