Berlin is “the place to be” because here it is possible to live out certain lifestyles that have become impossibilities in other places. The lifestyle fixated on in Berlin is a lifestyle of leisure. The word leisure is too often conflated with idleness. While some would strive to be idle, for most leisure seekers, leasureRead more about Leisure/Capital[…]

Both Sides

To me, Berlin has always been dualistic. I’m not just talking about the obvious dualism in it’s history, where the city was split into two, separated by a few meters of no man’s land and barbed wire. What I find dualistic is the allure of the city and the reality that I keep bumping into.Read more about Both Sides[…]

Berlin Wall

In one of the cold nights of winter, all the family members watching the Berlin wall in an old SONY TV. Those black and white pictures and barbed wires were the very basic understanding of me about Berlin. Thus it became among those cities, which my mind is more familiar with it. For me itRead more about Berlin Wall[…]

Berlin Is Burning

Berlin is Burning   Before thinking about studying in Berlin I didn’t really have an opinion about this city. Now that I’m here, I think it’s nice. It’s like being in a Brooklyn that has less money and looser alcohol laws. As a sociology major I think it would be interesting to study the cityRead more about Berlin Is Burning[…]

a place to nest

Before arriving in Berlin, I knew very little about the city, its history, or the way it would feel to live here, to take the train and go to class and to the grocery store. I went to Berlin mostly on a whim – I knew I wanted to study abroad, but didn’t know where,Read more about a place to nest[…]