Prenzlauer Berg, the hipster sister neighbor to our residential home in Pankow. I didn’t know much about the history of it I just assumed it had always been a relatively wealthy upper middle class neighborhood. I realized however that those don’t really exist and usually there is a group of displaced people that make wayRead more about […]


Location: Dafna Maimon’s new studio in Kreuzberg Time: When we were trying to film a performance in the courtyard

Who owns the city?

Die Yuppies machen durch ihre Eigentumswohnungen meine Miete teurer. 🙁 It does not need any further comment. The phrase is written on a great white wall in front of a house near the new “Hip” CafĂŠ and the “Hip” Bar in the Richardstraße (NeukĂślln).  What is striking to me is that I was noticing thisRead more about Who owns the city?[…]

Homes (no longer theirs)

This building site was particularly interesting because though the apartment building had been torn down, the remnants of personalized private spaces like kitchens and bathrooms were left, imprinted onto the walls, the peeling wallpaper waving like flags of surrender in the breeze.  This space is prime real estate, placed in Mitte, near Oranienburger Strasse, oneRead more about Homes (no longer theirs)[…]

Where it all began

By Dikte The picture I took today at the crossing between the roads Alt-Stralau and Kynatstrasse in Friedrichshain/Treptow. This is a part of Berlin is, to my surprise, not explicitly mentioned by Andrej Holm in his article of “Berlin’s Gentrification Mainstream”. To me this part of Berlin shows clearly the pace of gentrification of theRead more about Where it all began[…]