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I just came across this fun review of Startup – a debut novel by Doree Shafrir on what happens in the workplace and what people do about it. It sounds very entertaining. Maybe a good summer read?

COMING UP: International Women’s Day

As I mentioned in class, in several countries there have been calls for general women’s strike and protests (also in Berlin) scheduled for International Women’s Day. I would like us to use this occasion to discuss the work of the German socialist activist for women’s and workers’ rights, Clara Zetkin. On Wednesday, we will critically engage with Standing’sRead more about COMING UP: International Women’s Day[…]

Migrants Arriving in Germany Face a Chaotic Reception in Berlin The multiple faces of Berlin and its migrants: Berlin is known to be one of Europe’s most hippest and affordable cities, drawing in newcomers every year. At the same time Berlin is a city of migrants, there are those privileged to move around and those seeking asylum. The New York Times published an articleRead more about Migrants Arriving in Germany Face a Chaotic Reception in Berlin[…]


     Bastian Lange et al.’s paper, titled “Berlin’s Creative Industries: Governing Creativity?” (link: discusses how the specific spatial layout of Berlin and its organization by the government shapes the city’s creative industries, and also discusses the benefits of self-governance and self-organization amongst creatives. I personally found that a significant proportion of the contentRead more about CREATIVE INDUSTRIES[…]


Janet Merkel’s ‘Contentious Urban Governance: The case of Berlin’s creative industries’ she discusses the ways in which Berlin is moving to evolve its city governance to meet the rise of urban creative industries. I found it interesting that as of 2013, when the paper was published, there had been relatively little research done into howRead more about CREATIVE INDUSTRIES II[…]

Transient Coworking and Perishing City Life In June 2014, Mattan Griffel and his five-person start-up relocated to Berlin for a month. This is the premise of his article “One Month in Berlin” being promoted by the Silicon Allee Team Page on Medium. In the short article, Griffel share his motivations and experiences, reason #3 being, “My co-founder and I decidedRead more about Transient Coworking and Perishing City Life[…]

Germany: Ten years of Hartz IV welfare cuts: Neoliberalism in Germany

Germany: Ten years of Hartz IV welfare cuts Neoliberalism in Germany With the introduction of the Hartz IV reform under the Social Democratic-Green Party government in Germany in 2005, any stability in social welfare was dismantled; new policies shattering any social and economic continued support system for both the employed and the unemployed classes.Read more about Germany: Ten years of Hartz IV welfare cuts: Neoliberalism in Germany[…]

1 Euro Jobs

In August of last year, Angela Merkel’s coalition government signed into a law a program that provides refugees with so called “mini-jobs” that pay a wage of approximately one euro an hour. A portion of Merkel’s sprawling and lauded Refugee Integration Law, these one euro jobs are primarily comprised of menial tasks within shelters andRead more about 1 Euro Jobs[…]