The current state of coworking (and how we got there)

In advance of this week’s visit to Berlin’s most established coworking space, Betahaus, it will be very helpful to read through Janet Merkel’s very recent history (PDF) of coworking spaces, their community-based setup, and their curatorial role. You will also find much to enjoy (and marvel at) in these two profiles of the massive coworkingRead more about The current state of coworking (and how we got there)[…]

Beyond the cubicle

As background material for the assigned reading from Nikil Saval’s Cubed, I recommend this brief VOX video on the history of the open-plan office. Since original starchitect Frank Lloyd Wright has an important guest role in the video (and the building caemos in the Saval on page 288), I figured you’d also enjoy gawking atRead more about Beyond the cubicle[…]

Recent European efforts to regulate the gig economy

After our discussions of the growing precariat last week, I figured you’d like this NY Times overview by Liz Alderman of recent European efforts to address both the “flexibilization” of the workforce and the precarious position of the people who work for the likes of Deliveroo or Uber (yet cannot call themselves employees).