focused procrastination

If you feel you need a break from the midterms intensity, you may want to watch this video of Angela McRobbie’s interview with Kathy Acker to learn how people talked about creative work (and looked amazing) back in the 1980s.

upcoming event at HU: a talk on creatives in Hackney and Neukölln

Next Monday, October 23, 6 pm, at Humboldt University’s Institute of Social Sciences, Universitätstrasse 3b (on the M1 line!), sociologist Sebastian Juhnke will give a talk titled “Between Belonging and Being “Part of a Problem”: Creative Professionals in Hackney and Neukölln”. Here’s the abstract: Members of the ‘creative class’ (Florida 2003), a demographic of both growing size and importanceRead more about upcoming event at HU: a talk on creatives in Hackney and Neukölln[…]

work, food, feminism

After today’s guest talk, you may be interested in this recent interview with Mary Scherpe, in which she talks some more about her work on Stil in Berlin and beyond.

Interview with Kathi Weeks

As a follow-up to our discussion last Wednesday, here’s a recent interview with Kathi Weeks, which provides a good overview of the main points she makes in the chapter we read. Have a look.

How Berliners vote

As Germans head to the polls, you may be wondering how Berliners will vote. While this interactive map makes no predictions, it offers a glimpse into how people in Berlin have been voting since 1990. Let’s hope for very few blue spots on that map tomorrow!

new book alert

I just came across this fun review of Startup – a debut novel by Doree Shafrir on what happens in the workplace and what people do about it. It sounds very entertaining. Maybe a good summer read?

Notes on the sharing economy – the phenomenon we have been discussing this semester and which we will return to on Wednesday.