Do What You Love and…

  If you’ve ever been to a coworking space, you know that DWYL is ubiquitous. But DWYL is much more than aspirational knick-knacks: it’s also been adopted by HR departments and incorporated into software designed to manage employees’ satisfaction with their jobs.  What are the political implications of DWYL? This tote offers a sharp answer:Read more about Do What You Love and…[…]

Work under neoliberalism

Yesterday in class we spoke about how neoliberalism has reshaped contemporary work, increasing insecurity and flexibilization. Here is an article on how internet technologies intensify these developments. Some of you also asked whether neoliberalism could be unmade, or at least fought. Nancy Fraser urges us to resist and reject the false choices presented by so-called progressive neoliberalism,Read more about Work under neoliberalism[…]

Progress Report: Juman Tamimi at Back on Track

Seven weeks into the academic semester, students settled in smoothly and know the ropes of their internships by now. This is what exchange student Juman Tamimi (Al-Quds Bard College) has to say about her internship with “Back on Track,” an NGO that offers tailor-made educational support to refugee children and adolescents: Working with Back OnRead more about Progress Report: Juman Tamimi at Back on Track[…]

Richard Florida: Sorry Not Sorry

Yesterday in class you discussed Richard Florida’s concept of creative class. His latest book, The New Urban Crisis, has been described as a continuation of his ‘flawed and elitist ideas.’ Another review, in The Jacobin, states that the author ‘has replaced his airy projections of infinite, creativity-fueled growth with a tone of apocalyptic darkness.’ If you’dRead more about Richard Florida: Sorry Not Sorry[…]

Interview with Kathi Weeks

As a follow-up to our discussion last Thursday, here’s a recent interview with Kathi Weeks, which provides a good overview of the main points she makes in the chapter we read. Have a look.