Podcasts for your internship commute

As we discussed in class today, commutes can be a drag. Here are some suggestions from your podcast-loving instructors on what to listen to when you’re on your way to or from work. Please add your faves in the comment section.

Here you can listen to some of the actual interviews Studs Terkel conducted for the book on work we are reading from. Make sure not to miss the tips he gives!

Here is an interview with the WeWork founder Miguel McKelvey. And if you are interested in listening to more foundation myths, check out other episodes of How I Built This.

Here you can listen to people talk about what it means to be out at work. Other episodes of Nancy are also highly recommended.

Hey, Cool Job! looks promising (though we haven’t listened to it yet).

Sandra is a lovely fiction podcast about someone who joins a company called Orbital Teledynamics and finds herself the voice of an AI.

THERE IS SO MUCH MORE. We look forward to your recommendations!

PS Your humble instructors would like to remind you that they too cast pod. Here is Agata on the highly entertaining podcast Florian co-hosts.

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