Prenzlauer Berg, the hipster sister neighbor to our residential home in Pankow. I didn’t know much about the history of it I just assumed it had always been a relatively wealthy upper middle class neighborhood. I realized however that those don’t really exist and usually there is a group of displaced people that make way for the more affluent. After doing some research I found that Prenzlauer Burg is a huge site of gentrification. It was a working class neighborhood before the war, during the war most families left due to bombings. After the war it became a part of east Germany. The small run down housing became the homes of poets artists and gays. They would squat in these empty apartments and run art and community events until of course the police put an end to this. We all know what happens next, private investors bought the housing raised rent and the bougie amenities followed. Attached is an image of a frozen yogurt shop in Prenzlauer Burg, not a great image but you get the sentiment.

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