History or Hedonism?

Two things came first to my mind when I first thought about living temporarily in Berlin; the weather and the refugees! I believe I had no impressions about Berlin until the moment I knew I am living there for the semester. However, I always connect Berlin in some way or another to huge history with great unforgettable stories, and I knew once I get here, I will figure everything out myself, especially the issue of migration and immigrants, which made Berlin a place of everywhere and for everything; having in mind the idea that Berlin connects between both history and modernity, civilization and development, as well as art with all of its types. Once I arrived in the airport I had that indescribable feeling of the glory of making one dream come true; “yes! I did it”, finding the place of where one’s lifestyle can be settled comfortably, the place where goals are no more apart. The place of where I might incredibly create harmony between my study major as Human Rights student and my passion in arts especially in photography and making videos; obviously Berlin is the perfect choice and the perfect place to do so.

I have my own perspective of Berlin but it is very unlikly different from how it might be seen as Derbyshire explains in her article “BERLIN: IT’S NOT ALL SEX, ALL THE TIME”, I do not deny it might be, but perspectives differ from where and by whome they are seen! For a visitor who has their own passions and interests it might not be the city of sex, or a city where I look for hedonism and cheap beer, I might be looking for refugees and I did find and felt another glory, I might be looking for art and so I did find too in so many weird museums, and most importantly looking for history and so I did in the prison of Hohenschönhausen. I might be looking for myself, and this is still in process! I believe everyone sees it differently, and I cannot tell how could it be like from the eyes of a resident; it might be as Derbyshire’s. A city cannot be defined for what its people like to do or others expect to do in a visit! A city is defined by its history; and a history cannot be determined by hedonism and the desires of previous people, neither nowadays people and especially by sex? It is just history, and historical events.

Through my visit to Hohenschönhausen prison, I have not realised how much feelings I have then, and how much of a berliner thing was that, until I came back home and checked the photos I took, one photo(similar to attached) made me feel it has alot of silent historical berliner words, and it is one of the photos I appreciate I had the opportunity to take for how much of everything it holds just as how much of everything Berlin has.


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