Beyond the cubicle

As background material for the assigned reading from Nikil Saval’s Cubed, I recommend this brief VOX video on the history of the open-plan office. Since original starchitect Frank Lloyd Wright has an important guest role in the video (and the building caemos in the Saval on page 288), I figured you’d also enjoy gawking at these gorgeous images of his famous (now demolished) Larkin Building, which combines airy spaces with motivational sloganeering of the first degree.

Larkin Administration Building

Lastly, if you want to see what offices look like these days, and whether they still follow the campus-model as described in the Cubed chapter, check out this New York Times article and especially the images in its slideshow. Or what about Google’s new London offices? Would you feel “at home” working in offices like these, or does it all just look like “Airspace” now?

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