Berlin Wall

In one of the cold nights of winter, all the family members watching the Berlin wall in an old SONY TV. Those black and white pictures and barbed wires were the very basic understanding of me about Berlin. Thus it became among those cities, which my mind is more familiar with it. For me it was known not only as one of the biggest cities in the world, which was separated in to two parts by a wall but also as a powerful capital which has played a crucial rule in the regional and global politics through the history. Though I am not enough familiar with the history of the WW1 and WW2, but I heard from my parents that Berliners had very harsh days on that time. Toady when I look at the development of the city through the window of the bus, I say to myself that it should be definitely hard for each and every one of those who tolerated and passed those hard days and rebuilt Berlin. Of course they would have not only put a lot of efforts but also enough passion, which I am keen to know more about it.

After my nomination as an exchange student for Bard College Berlin on March 2017, I was honored to visit Berlin for a couple of days. I had a city tour for half of the day by “City Sightseeing Berlin” bus. I also could walk around the Berlin wall, and the Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany “German Bundestag”. On that time I could not explore the city in depth, but still I was hopeful to visit it again. In addition to my visit of Berlin, I got a chance to visit BCB as an exchange student nominee by my home university (AUCA). In the first days of my second visit, I had a fear of any possible terrorist attacks in the crowd and was scared of walking on those streets. Thus, I preferred to stay on campus until I could explore the city later during the Berlin Weekend organized by BCB.

Likewise any other cities it was not wondering for me to see a big number of youth are addicted to drugs, wine, or at least cigarette here too, which is saddening for me. However, I appreciate the vast number of Berliners who use bikes, and do exercise and care about their health. I am also happy that I got a chance play my favorite sport “badminton” in one of the sport centers in Pankow.

Though I am so eager to use this opportunity and to explore the city, I am happy that through my internship at the Embassy of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, I help a vast number of the refugees who are here in order to have a better life. I am still doing my best to learn more about Berlin, and to adjust myself to its diverse culture, and history. For which, I should spend a bit of my free time, and I am confident that I would be able to do it during the semester. So far, I appreciate the diverse culture, peaceful environment and the smile of each and everyone here, which gives me the feeling of being a part of this society. Hence, I could proudly say I am a Berliner “ich bin ein Berliner”.





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