Both Sides

To me, Berlin has always been dualistic. I’m not just talking about the obvious dualism in it’s history, where the city was split into two, separated by a few meters of no man’s land and barbed wire. What I find dualistic is the allure of the city and the reality that I keep bumping into.Read more about Both Sides[…]

a place to nest

Before arriving in Berlin, I knew very little about the city, its history, or the way it would feel to live here, to take the train and go to class and to the grocery store. I went to Berlin mostly on a whim – I knew I wanted to study abroad, but didn’t know where,Read more about a place to nest[…]

Culture v Kultur

Prior to coming to the Berlin a tapestry of disjointed notions formed a vague image of of the landscape. Various friends and acquaintances of mine live or lived here. Some (all of them musicians) have had relative success in establishing or advancing their careers. Others returned with little to show for their time aside fromRead more about Culture v Kultur[…]

Hot Spot II

Mona Hatoum’s sculpture, Hotspot II (2006), synthesizes in an accurate visual representation my impressions of Berlin before moving here. The work is a cage-like globe, approximately the size of a person’s height and arm span, with red neon lighting to outlining geographical boundaries. However, these boundaries are placed upon a perforated metal cage that isRead more about Hot Spot II[…]

Piercing the veil of “mystique” Berlin The perhaps best, most objective song about Berlin: Peter Fox’s Schwarz zu Blau _____________________________ Unlike many others, I was perhaps blessed by the fact that I had not thought much about Berlin before coming here. I had had had no time to develop a biased perspective to either side of the spectrum, and notRead more about Piercing the veil of “mystique” Berlin[…]

heavy city

When I first decided to go abroad, I did the best I could to learn about Berlin’s culture and context from as many sources as possible. Someone at a party told me Berlin is a “heavy city,” citing how Berlin’s past was etched on the architecture, on the faces of the residents, and hung like a blanket over everything. MyRead more about heavy city[…]